A Major Intersection

Our world is changing at break-neck speed! Is it still possible to navigate the intersection of current events, faith, and spirituality?  Is there even an intersection? It’s time to reveal the mysteries that are driving the events of our world! Discover the relevance of these elements and how they intertwine to impact our lives—even when we are unaware. t’s time to listen to "Something's Happening Here."

Discovering 'Something's Happening Here'

A Christian podcast that delves into the spiritual dimensions of today's most pressing issues. This show is for everyone who values the importance of understanding major political and cultural events viewed through a Biblical lens—presented by an expert in his field.

There are five shows per week, from Monday through Friday—each week considered as one "episode." The shows within an episode share a common theme, which can be a theological idea, a current event, or a broader topic of relevance. The show is made with those in mind who seek to explore these themes at a beginner's level, regardless of their familiarity with complex subjects.

Meet the Viewer

A podcast viewer is typically aware of major political and cultural events but may lack the deeper understanding of how these events are moving us toward final events.  They are spiritually inclined and often seek answers to life's profound questions in the context of their beliefs.

The "Something's Happening Here" viewers gain a more profound understanding of the relevance of daily, break-neck speed, events. Many viewers are not necessarily well-versed in the intricate details of current events or theological concepts, but they possess a thirst for knowledge and a curiosity about how today’s events connect to their faith and where it is all headed.

Podcast Themes and Unique Approach

"Something's Happening Here" has covered a wide range of topics including:

  • Israel at War: The podcast delves into the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, specifically the war between Israel and Hamas. It seeks to understand the theological ideas surrounding the conflict and how they relate to Scripture, if at all.
  • Daniel's 70th Week: The show investigates the explores the concept of Daniel's 70th Week, a subject of theological discussion and interpretation that is receiving a lot of attention right now, in the context of the war in Israel.
  • The Salvation of Israel: An episode discusses the theological debate surrounding the salvation of Israel as described in the Bible, exploring the question of who will be saved and what criteria apply to salvation.
  • AI in Warfare: With the rise of new technologies and global threats, the podcast explores the role of artificial intelligence in warfare, including the perspectives of prominent figures in the field, like the "godfather of A.I." and others.

Why You Should Tune In

"Something's Happening Here" offers a unique blend of faith-based insights and current events analysis. Here are some reasons why you should consider tuning in to this thought-provoking podcast:

  1. A Fresh Perspective: The podcast provides a fresh perspective on the spiritual dimensions of current events, helping you see the world through a new lens.
  2. Deep Faith Exploration: This podcast offers valuable insights if you’re looking to deepen your faith and understand how it relates to real-world issues.
  3. Diverse Topics: With a wide range of topics, the podcast caters to those with a variety of interests and spiritual backgrounds.
  4. Beginner-Friendly But Not Simple: "Something's Happening Here" ensures that complex subjects are presented in a beginner-friendly manner, making it accessible to a wide audience, without avoiding the complexities of real-world events or Scripture.
  5. Bridging the Gap: The podcast acts as a bridge between your faith and your understanding of the world's current events, making it easier to find common ground between these seemingly distinct realms.
  6. Encouraging Critical Thinking: "Something's Happening Here" fosters critical thinking and encourages you to approach the events of the world with a discerning eye.
  7. Connect with Like-Minded Individuals: “Something’s Happening Here” has a dedicated free community on (, where you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests.
  8. Stay Informed: As the world changes around us, it is essential to stay informed. And with the news media in its current state, it’s harder than ever to find solid information you can trust. This podcast provides a unique blend of news, analysis, and faith-based insights.
  9. Media Discernment: The show often scrutinizes media coverage of an event just as closely as the event itself. You will better understand the workings (and manipulations) of the corporate media through its analysis.

A Real Eye-Opener

"Something's Happening Here" is a captivating Christian podcast that offers a unique perspective on the intersection of faith and current events. The podcast's exceptional approach to reality, diverse themes, and emphasis on connecting faith to real-world issues, make it a needed resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of “what in the world is happening today?”