“How Can You Know the Real God?” part 2 – Campus Catastrophe! Students Damage Their Own Cause Trying to Save the World With Virtue Signals

The pro-Hamas protests got turned up to eleven recently as several college campuses nationwide fell victim to violent antics by alleged protestors who were loudly demanding the right to eliminate Jews from the earth. These protests, of course, were no more than Occupy Wall Street and Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone back just in time for another election, and they met with similar fates, complete with police in riot gear, mass arrests, and even a presidential condemnation. Well we just did an episode on protest last week, so today we will use these campus catastrophes where students are damaging their own cause trying to save the world with virtue signals to continue to ask, “How Can You Know the Real God?” After all, are these protests not, at their core, religious in nature? Welcome.